The Sims 3 App Reviews

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I have the sims 4 on my computer so I downloaded this to see what was different. NOT WORTH ITTTTT



Zero stares

I love every second game but when it comes to this one it makes me mad. Whenever I look at the graphics on the demo picture the graphics look amazing, but when I actually look at the graphics when Im playing the game they look terrible. I would definitely not recommend this game is a waste of money and I used all my birthday money for this and now I cant download anything else thanks a lot scamming company. I demand a refund

Not even close to be worth $7

I was expecting that a Mobile version of sims three pic/console but no a complete replica of the sims free play its a ripoff


This costs way to much. Theres not that much to do. Its not worth it

Dont buy it.

First of all. What? This game sucks, very low quality and you can bearly do anything. I mean, you go to the store, go to school make friends but you cant do anything else. Its very boring. I wouldnt waste your money on this game. Sims free play is better and so as sims 3 adventure game.

This is a piece of ?

I spent seven dollars on this game and it was not worth I am not going to complete 75 stupid wishes for a stupid pawn shop that only let you buy a truck and sell some garbage.And dont even get me started me with the sims them self you can only have one sim in one world and cant control any other sim and no baby like bro what the$@!?and if I could give it a -3 I would do it and how did it get a two star on the front tile and there no updates and it wont be working on august 11th this is the equivalent of saying I didnt get a A+ but I got a F- do not buy this game it is not worth 7.00 I would prefer you get sims 3 ambitions it is way better than this garbage


The sims FreePlay is better than this SHAME


I played this on my iPad and it was a fail so dont spend 7.00$ on it save your money! p.s its fake game!,Luna

Stop whining

Seriously you people are going nuts saying that is wasnt worth the money this is a mobile game not a computer game it was meant to be simple and Im pretty sure this was the first sims game for mobile so no duh it was worth 6:99. Foolish people

Not worth 6.99

Sims 3 is a waste of your money. The sims free play is five star compared to this. Do NOT get this app!


Thought this game, being $6.99 would be better than sims freeplay. Nope. Everything in the sims 3 has seemed to regress. Not good. If you want a quality sims game, get sims freeplay.

Not worth $6.99!!!

I was browsing the Sims games on the App Store and assumed that the one that cost $6.99 would be the best one, I soon found out I was very incorrect. I also assumed since it was so much money for an app, it would have so many options for the Sims appearance but there are very limited hairstyles and clothing options. And the "city" is so small and after a few days of playing I realized there wasnt too much to do anymore. I also expected this game to allow you to have children as the pop ups will sometimes say (and I quote) "increase population *wink, *wink". Maybe this means that you as the player should try the woohoo option, but meanwhile is very misleading. One star because it was still fun to interact with other sims and get promoted but still not worth the money! Oh, and a bonus they stop updating August, 2017 so even if you do waste your money, dont count on the company updating the app.

Terrible graphics

Give people their money back


This game I bought it believing it would be better than the free play

Its not addictif.

It is just boring


Though this game is kinda fun, but it needs better updates, and it needs more options for the sims to do new things. When you just like complete everything there is nothing to do in the game its just not fun.

If you can get past the graphics it is not bad

This game is not amazing but if you can get past some of the thing like graphics and actions.The game is pretty fun. I dont know if I would really pay seven dollars if I knew this is what I was getting but it is not the worst things ever


I bought this game bunking it would have more then the sims free play but I was completely wrong. Its TERRIBLE! The first thing I saw when I opened the app was that the game is being discontinued august 11th. I DEMAND A REFUND!!!!!!


This game is so bad..I cant even explain how bad it is plus 7$!?! Thats insane this Sholud be FREE. so many gliches and its just stupid.

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